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Vampire Hunter Kokoro Belmont has joined G squadron to fight against the Bacterians and Dark Force.

Kokoro's Option feels like Youmu's option from Touhou 8 Imperishable Night, It shoots to the direction opposite where you're going. Power is increased each time the option is selected. 1st is just regular bullets, 2nd is shuriken stars, and 3rd is twin laser.

Whip laser is like Gradius V's laser. It flows continuously. Power is decent and there is no shot delay, only if you don't let go of the fire button.

Axe (Double) is, for me, crap. Very hard to use, not a good weapon. Though I may be wrong, someone correct me.

Cross (Laser) acts like reflex ring only with longer range. Power is a bit okay too. But my problem is the shot delay, especially Kokoro's option has it's own weapon set.

Holy Water (Missile) is like Holy water from Castlevania (Specifically, Richter's holy water on Symphony of the Night) Damage is continuous as long as the flame is still on.

Her Unique Weapons are all level up-able.

Her D Burst is like Shiori Fujisaki's Heaven's Gate charged laser attack. Similar to a boss Gradius Gaiden boss in boss rush. (I can't remember the name)

Hello once again! Anch here and I'm back with more Otomedius gameplays. Recently found out something good and I've decided to take advantage of it. So to celebrate this new found power, I'll do a story mode of EVERY CHARACTERS on Excellent. Yes, including Hanafuuma.

And as an added bonus (or if you consider it bonus) I'll use their STOCK WEAPONS for their story mission. I won't be using the overpowered Wave laser this time.

Hope you enjoy the video! Thumbs up and Subscribe for more Otomedius Playthrough Runs!

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  • Kokoro Belmont

    Kokoro Belmont es una descendiente del clan Belmont en el videojuego Otomedius X: Excellent...

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