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Castlevania Symphony of the Night (SotN), japanese version (J) - Secret Sound Test (Voice Actors Special). It's unlocked after you completed the game, only in japanese version.

English translation by DanceofGold

1) Hi, I am the voice actor for Alucard, who looks like an 18-year-old but is actually 400 years old. My name is Okyayu Ryoutarou. He is a very cool - how shall I say - pretty character? And his lines are cool/tasteful/refined(?) (laughs) Not very compatible with Mr Yanada. (laughs). Better let him say it himself. This voice acting work was very interesting. Yes, everyone let's have fun shall we?

2) I am Yokoyama Chisa, the voice-actress for Maria. This morning, I accidentally dropped my watch into the toilet bowl. Can someone help me get it? Just kidding, I picked it up myself.

3) I am Fukami Rika, the voice actress for Succubus. I talked so much, I'm so hungry now. Someone treat me to a meal please.

4) I am Satou Masaharu. It's great that the game is over! Is it over already? Let's meet somewhere next time!

5) Sigh, it's so tiring to do the dialogue for action games!

6) I am Yanada Kyoyuki, the voice actor of Richter. You! Don't keep playing video games. Get some exercise so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

7) Ah, my name is Yanami Jouji. I am no longer young. I have been doing this for a long time. Basically I've always been playing silly roles, but the weather's especially warm this year, it's killing me. I have to think of a way to get through this, but, I'm an old man already. I can't take it anymore, the heat is making me so exhausted. Sigh, someone save me please. Soon, when September comes, I think it should get a little better. At any rate , I'm old already. Perhaps I really can't take it anymore. Hmm, that's all I have to say. Bye.

8) Hi, I'm Shiina Hekiru. Congrats on clearing the game. Hmm, It's been a long journey. Did you take your meals while you were playing? I'm guessing you must have been playing through the night and missing out on sleep, playing continuously for a several hours, hmm, you probably lost around three kilograms. But it would be interesting to challenge this in a different way. All in all, thank you very much. Lastly, let's shout 'Konami'. 'One, two, three, Konami!'

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  • Maestro Bibliotecario

    Maestro Bibliotecario es uno de los aliados de Alucard en su misión para descubrir la razón...

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